3 Things I Remember When I Want To Quit

I have recently decided that I am pursuing this writing thing. I have gathered the courage to make the declaration – to myself if no one else – that, “I. Am. A. Writer.”

The gathered courage seems to have a similar consistency to water as I have had the hardest time holding on to it. One day I’m writing, the next I am questioning, the next I am writing again, aaaand the following I am crying.

Back and forth, back and forth it is a never ending battle – AND IT’S ONLY BEEN THREE WEEKS!!! It feels like forever, but constantly I return the the place of decision. It’s like being lost in one of those really nice subdivisions; you are sure if you just take the next right you will find your way out. In reality, you end up venturing further and further into the Suburbia Fly Trap.

The one thing I am thankful for is that the Lord continues to be that one thing that remains unmoved. He is the beacon on the horizon. The northern star for all posterity. When all is chaos down here I am gently reminded to look up, and there I find peace.

  1. God cannot fail –

It is, in ever definition of the word, impossible for God to lose. He has never failed to do something He has spoken and if death of all things could not stop Him then what’s a little uncertainty?

2. God will not change –

Often times I read through the Bible’s stories for no other reason than to gather evidence. If God did something thousand’s of years ago in someone else’s life, then He is still capable of doing that very thing today in mine.

The Bible is rich with case study’s to build a solid argument against the doubts and uncertainties that assault us daily. God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, will not change to meet the conditions. They change to meet Him.

3. God has not left –

Perhaps the greatest comfort I find among these 3 truths is found right here. There is nothing that can cause God to pull His love away from me. God who is the supreme authority on EVERYTHING has vowed to not let anything separate me from the love He freely gave me.

He will not abandon me even if I completely suck at everything I try to accomplish. He has promised to walk with me, and you, through the valleys and not just to peaks. He will not leave me when I am unsuccessful and He will not abandon me when I am.


Knowing these simple truths realigns me every time fear and doubt get a leg up on me. But it isn’t just knowing that they are true, it is believing with all my heart they are true concerning me. 

In the same way the road doesn’t disappear in the presence of fog, truth does not vanish in the presence of doubt. The road is still there when I can’t see it, and the more familiar I am traveling that road determines the confidence I have on it. The same can be said in life.

When I can’t see the promise or the dream because of fear and doubt, I choose to believe I am still getting closer. Because the truth God has given me and you is a road that cannot be undone by a little fog.


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