Sin Sucks

Sin sucks. I hate what sin does all across the board. First he entices you into thinking he’s your friend and then does everything in his power to get you to partake in his forbidden fruit. I hate it because I like it.

Isn’t it exhilarating? Be real… sin would not be a problem at all if it were not attractive. The Bible doesn’t deny this fact and we shouldn’t either – Hebrews 11:25 tells us Moses chose to “be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin.”

I was just Google searching where this verse is because, contrary to popular opinion, memorizing the entire Bible is not a prerequisite to relationship with Jesus. In my search I came across a thread for “Where in the Bible does it say sin is fun for a moment?”

One response took the point I want to make and knocked it out of the park like a hanging curveball. The most honest statement I’ve ever read, and it came from the keyboard of an everyday troll:

Where In The Bible Does It Say Sin Is Fun?

Troll: “You don’t need a Bible to tell you that.”

Everyone knows. The things we shouldn’t do we want to do most.

What we forget is the word that comes first in scripture; these “pleasures of sin” are FLEETING. You can’t hang on. The fun and games are swapped for regret and pain. This is why sin sucks.

Sin invites us to a nice romantic dinner at a 5 star restaurant we could never afford then sneaks out and leaves us with the check.


The bill is more than we can pay… the pleasures of sin will cost you your life. (Romans 6:23) Sin leads to death and this is why sin sucks.

Its plain and clear sin is something none of us want in our own lives… but what I hate about sin the most is what it does to the people I love. I hate that there is an inherent fear that comes with the thought of telling someone you love and genuinely care about that this killer – this smooth talking, face eating, monster – is looking for a way to kick in the door and steal their life.

It is a touchy topic to point out sin in someone else’s life – EVERYBODY knows the “speck in your own eye” verse. It is the world’s largest shield.

I have to admit, this fear has paralyzed me often. How can I let someone know I love them if I choose to point out sin in their life?

God knows I’m far from having a perfect record, and I still loose battles at times. I try to emphasize acceptance and belonging so much that the thought of making someone uncomfortable terrifies me at times.


They were just starting to open up and were thinking about giving this “God thing” a chance. I can’t scare them now. I can’t make them feel like they aren’t good enough. My God, we love these people we don’t want them to be mad at us!


But if I’m withholding truth from someone because I am afraid of their response that is not love. That is selfish. That’s me caring more about the other person liking me than what’s best for them. If we as believers know sin’s true nature and are not willing to call it out for the benefit of those we love, we are cowards.

It is not our responsibility to decide how others will receive truth. It IS our responsibility to deliver it in love and with the same mercy Jesus has shown us.

This insight does not make it any easier to handle though… it is still an extremely awkward and volatile situation. THIS IS WHY SIN SUCKS.


Last night in our young adults meeting however, the Lord gave me the most perfect picture for this socially awkward ordeal. He showed me sin is a bully standing on the head of those you love.

Would you be afraid to help out a friend, brother, cousin, or sister who was pinned down by a fat, curly headed loser with his belly hanging out of his ketchup stained, white and yellow stripped, undersized t-shirt in a vacant lot on your way home from school? (There’s no way that sentence was punctuated correctly. Move on.)

Heck no! You would sprint to his/her aid and do everything in your power to show that slob a thing or two. (If you wouldn’t then your friend needs new friends!)

So why do we respond differently when we see sin doing the same thing to those we love and care about?

Sin wants to keep them in the same struggle their entire life until it’s time to pay the bill. There he is with the sole of his boot on the back of our loved one’s head and we are just gonna walk on by like nothing’s happenin

NEVER AGAIN! We address sin in love with those we love, not because we are looking down our nose, but because we refuse to let their lives be held captive any longer. Grace flourishes in the place of sin, but it does so in order to grant us access to a new wide open country of freedom.

Sin sucks, but GRACE IS GREATER.



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